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Relevant Topics

Papers are solicited on, but not limited to, the following topics:

Collections, Systems and Management

  • Document repositories: storage, indexing, retrieval, deduplication, cleansing
  • Enterprise content management: models and standards, scale and performance
  • Digital libraries: and archives preservation systems
  • Document system components: security, versioning, synchronization
  • Massive collections of documents
  • Document systems and workflows

Generation, Manipulation and Presentation

  • Document authoring tools and systems
  • Document presentation (typography, formatting, layout) algorithms and systems
  • Automatically generated documents, content customization, variable printing
  • Mobile platforms and documents
  • Document transformation

Document Analysis

  • Structure and visual representation analysis
  • Linguistic and semantic (content) analysis, categorization, classification, clustering
  • Automated tagging, named entity disambiguation, semantic linking, automatic image captioning
  • Recovery and assessing document quality from distortions and defects such as tears or blemishes

Pure document image analysis papers are not out of scope but authors should clarify how the contribution relates to document engineering technology, use of documents or document collections.

Modelling and Representation

  • Document models and structures (multimedia, graphs, trees, streams, adaptive and responsive documents, probabilistic documents)
  • Document representation and standards (interchange standards, markup languages, style sheets, document type representation, metadata)
  • Collaborative documents and sharing economy
  • Document internationalization, multilingual representations

User Experience

  • Navigation, search
  • Usability, accessibility, readability and aesthetics
  • Collaborative authoring and editing, curation and annotation
  • Workflows, integration and interaction between human and automated processes
  • Culture-dependent layouts


We encourage submissions about document-centric applications such as:

  • Digital humanities, digital preservation/archiving
  • Education eBooks and digital publishing
  • Web applications and systems
  • Mobile applications

Web Document Processing and Interaction

  • Rich web applications
  • Systems and algorithms for safe and efficient document processing
  • Scalable distributed document processing
  • Linked data and semantics enrichment, linking techniques and standards


  • Documents and privacy
  • Secure document workflows, policy and access, security for mobile and printing devices
  • Security printing, including document identification, tagging and meta-data
  • Cyber-physical document workflows, especially electronic/print options
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