The 24th ACM Symposium on Document Engineering

August 20th, 2024 to August 23rd, 2024
San Jose, CA, USA


Register for the symposium using CVENT. Link to be provided soon.

Pricing of DocEng Symposium

Type of Registration Early bird registration (by July 20th) Late/on-site registration (starting July 21st)
ACM or SIGWEB member $700 USD $800 USD
Retired ACM member $350 USD $400 USD
Non-member $800 USD $900 USD
Student (as additional registrant or non-author) $350 USD $400 USD

Pricing of Parts of DocEng Symposium

Registration Type Early bird registration Late/on-site registration
Tutorials/workshops (full day) $120 USD $160 USD
Tutorials/workshops (full day - student) $60 USD $80 USD
Tutorials/workshops (half day) $60 USD $80 USD
Tutorials/workshops (half day - student) $30 USD $40 USD

Pricing of Social Events

Pricing for extra tickets for social events will be provided soon.

Author Registration

Each DocEng paper must have at least one regular (non-student) registration by the author registration deadline (July 20th, 2024) for it to be presented at DocEng'24 and be published in the DocEng'24 proceedings. As long as one of the authors of the paper registers as either an ACM or SIGWEB member or a Non-member, then any student author(s) can register at student pricing. However, if a student author is the sole DocEng'24 attendee for that paper, or if all the paper authors are students, then that student must register as either an ACM or SIGWEB member or Non-member. An author of multiple papers who is sole attendee and presenter of these papers requires a regular (non-student) registration for the first paper, and student registrations for the remaining papers.

Invitation letter for visa purposes: Invitation letters are issued on request only. Please send the following to

Subject line of your email should be "DocEng'24: Request for invitation letter for visa purposes"

  1. Your full name exactly as in your passport
  2. Your full physical mailing address
  3. Paper no, title and full list of authors of your accepted paper
  4. Proof of completed registration for the conference Your invitation letter will be emailed to you by reply to your requesting email.