ACM Symposium on Document Engineering 2019

Call for Proposals to Host ACM DocEng 2019

Greetings, everybody,

Thanks in advance for your interest in potentially hosting DocEng 2019, the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering for 2019. To assist the DocEng Steering Committee in deciding upon the location for DocEng 2019, I would really appreciate a brief description of your proposal. At this stage, a fully detailed description is not required. However, any salient information that you can provide at this stage will be appreciated and will help the DocEng Steering Committee to make an informed decision.

In terms of logistics, please send your proposal to me, Steve Simske, at The deadline for the receipt of proposals is 28 February, 2018.

To help you formulate your proposal, please take note of the following points:

  1. Information about previous DocEng Symposia can be obtained from the DocEng website where there are links to most of the previous conferences. The site is at You can readily access the conference websites for 2001–2017 from this page.

  2. Teams proposing to host the 2019 conference are strongly encouraged to attend next year’s conference, even if you have attended prior DocEng Symposia, to ensure a smooth hand-off between teams.

  3. DocEng is not a large conference, with the typical attendance in the range of 70–90 people—sometimes as large as 110. The most recent conference, in Vienna, Austria, was attended by roughly 80 people. Conferences held in Europe tend to be larger than those held elsewhere.

  4. If we follow the existing pattern, DocEng 2019 would be held in late summer (typically mid-September) 2019. We have held DocEng as early as late August, and as late in the year as November.

  5. DocEng conferences typically last for 3–4 days. The first day or half day is usually devoted to one or more workshops, and the conference itself then takes 2–3 days. In addition to these events, the meeting consists of single (not parallel) sessions, comprising invited Keynotes (typically two), submitted papers (both long and short), and more recently Birds of a Feather, Poster and Demo sessions.

  6. The symposium should include daily lunches (on-site if possible) and a conference banquet.

  7. With respect to financial arrangements, ACM (SIGWEB) is the conference sponsor and ACM handles most of the money. ACM can sign contracts with local suppliers and pay their invoices directly. ACM handles the registration and the publication of the proceedings. The local organizers typically will need to advance some money, for minor local costs, which are then reimbursed by ACM after the meeting.

In formulating your proposal, it would be helpful if you could try to address as many as possible of the 10 points below. We understand that some of these matters may be somewhat premature at this stage, and we certainly do not expect a lengthy, complete proposal. We would like to get as accurate a “feeling of confidence” of your proposal as we can.

  1. The name of the host institution and the affiliation, position, and co-ordinates of the contact person.

  2. The dates you suggest for DocEng 2019, with alternatives if you wish.

  3. The proposed location of the conference, and whether this is a hotel, a university, a research center, or other.

  4. Brief information about the conference facilities, meeting rooms, catering facilities, etc.

  5. Whatever details you can give of available local accommodation. Hotels? Suitable student accommodation?

  6. Some details of transportation—how can your location be reached, and will local transportation be needed/provided?

  7. Any special budget conditions (see above remarks regarding ACM's handing of finances).

  8. Any special themes (including those tied to local expertise) you would like to feature at your conference; for example, “documents for education and training,” “printed documents connected to on-line services,” “historical documents,” etc.

  9. Any other details or information that you feel might be helpful.

  10. Finally, if the need arises, could you in theory as an alternative host DocEng 2020?

Please feel free to communicate with me at any stage if you have any questions whatsoever regarding DocEng 2019 (or 2020). I would be pleased to clarify, if/as necessary, any of these points or to offer any suggestions during the formulation of your proposal.

We would like to receive responses to this CFP by Tuesday, February 28, 2018. Please send proposals to me at I would greatly appreciate an early notification if you are considering responding to this CFP so that I know approximately how many proposals to expect.

Thank you and best regards,

Steven J. Simske

Chair, DocEng Steering Committee
HP Fellow and Director
HP Labs, USA