The 23rd ACM Symposium on Document Engineering

August 22, 2023 to August 25, 2023
Limerick, Ireland

Conference Venue

DocEng'23 will take place in the Kemmy Business School building, University of Limerick campus as a full, in person event. For more information please visit our Programme page

For further information please contact the organizers via

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Limerick is Ireland’s third largest city and is located in the mid-west of Ireland, near to the Atlantic coast.

The city dates from around 812 when it was settled by the Vikings, however, there is strong evidence of earlier settlements in the area which surrounds King’s Island. This island was originally included in a map from 150 AD by Ptolemy, where it was named ‘Regia’. The city was transformed in the 12th Century, when King John’s Castle (1200) and St Mary’s Cathedral (1168) were built. These two magnificent buildings are open to the public as visitor attractions and are well worth a visit.

In the 17th century, Limerick became one of Ireland’s major ports and Georgian Limerick began to evolve. The fine Georgian quarter still retains the wonderful architecture of that time.

Limerick has grown into a diverse and culturally exciting city with a population of 94,193 (2016). The city offers a wide range of visitor attractions, restaurants, bars and shops. It is known for being Ireland’s Sporting Capital and is the home of Munster Rugby. It is also home to three educational institutions and attracts many multinational companies, who are drawn here by the ease of doing business in Ireland.

Where to stay

DocEng'23 will take place in the University of Limerick campus. There are a number of accommodation options that we especially made arrangements with for DocEng'23 delegates:

Many other bed & breakfast accommodation options are available in the Castletroy area where the University of Limerick is situated.

There is a number of excellent hotels in the city centre, however please note that the University is some 5 Km away. A number of bus routes operate from the City centre to UL and the journey takes some 20 minutes in low traffic but up to 50 minutes during rush hours.

We strongly recommend that you book your accommodation well in advance as prices during the summer can increase significantly.

How to get here

Getting to and from Ireland has never been easier or more affordable.

Shannon airport

Shannon Airport allows visitors to arrive right into the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way. It is the primary international airport facilitating flights in and out of the West Coast of Ireland. This airport offers flight destinations to and from Europe, the UK, the USA and Canada.

Shannon Airport is located close to Limerick (30km). Taxi is recommended to travel from this airport to the University of Limerick campus. The Limerick - Shannon - Ennis bus 343 can also be used to travel to Limerick Bus Station, then change to one of the local buses for UL from the William Street bus stop, a 5 minutes walk away.

If you’re travelling to the United States from Shannon, the airport offers US Preclearance facilities. It means you can undertake all immigration, customs, and agriculture inspections before you leave, making your arrival in the US easier and faster.

Dublin airport

Dublin Airport is located 204km from Limerick by road and offers further international flight options to choose from. Bus is recommended to travel from this airport to the University of Limerick campus. Below are two coach operators who offer fast and efficient services from Dublin Airport. For up to date pricing and timetables, please visit their official website.

Cork airport

Cork Airport is located 109km from Limerick.

Citylink offers a service from Cork Airport to Limerick City Centre, where you can either change onto a local bus or take a taxi to the University campus.

Things to do

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Places to visit

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Places to eat

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