The 23rd ACM Symposium on Document Engineering

August 22, 2023 to August 25, 2023
Limerick, Ireland


Register for the symposium using CVENT the dedicated DocEng'23 Registration Website.

Author registration deadline is July 20th, 2023. Missing this deadline may result in the paper being withdrawn from the proceedings.

Cancellation policy.

ACM’s Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment for Members and Event Attendees and other policies

1. Pricing of DocEng Symposium

Registration to the symposium:

ACM accepts credit card payments and wire transfers (see information at the end of this page). Credit card payments are preferred. Credit cards accepted are limited to Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Registration Type Early bird registration (by July 20th) Late/on-site registration (starting July 21st)
ACM or SIGWEB member 700 USD 800 USD
Retired ACM member 350 USD 400 USD
Non-member 800 USD 900 USD
Student (as additional registrant or non-author) 350 USD 400 USD

2. Pricing of Parts of DocEng Symposium

Registration Type Early bird registration Late/on-site registration
Tutorials/workshops only (full day) 120 USD 160 USD
Tutorials/workshops only (full day - student) 60 USD 80 USD
Tutorial/workshop only (half day) 60 USD 80 USD
Tutorial/workshop only (half day - student) 30 USD 40 USD

Extra tickets for activities being held during the conference are available as follows:

3. Author Registration

Each DocEng paper must have at least one regular (non-student) registration by the author registration deadline (July 20th, 2023) for it to be presented at DocEng'23 and be published in the DocEng'23 proceedings. As long as one of the authors of the paper registers as either an ACM or SIGWEB member or a Non-member, then any student author(s) can register at student pricing. However, if a student author is the sole DocEng'23 attendee for that paper, or if all the paper authors are students, then that student must register as either an ACM or SIGWEB member or Non-member. An author of multiple papers who is sole attendee and presenter of these papers requires a regular (non-student) registration for the first paper, and student registrations for the remaining papers.

Invitation letter for visa purposes: Invitation letters are issued on request only. Please send the following to

  1. Subject line of your email should be "DocEng'23: Request for invitation letter for visa purposes"
  2. Your full name exactly as in your passport
  3. Your full physical mailing address
  4. Paper no, title and full list of authors of your accepted paper
  5. Proof of completed registration for the conference

Your invitation letter will be emailed to you by reply to your requesting email.

4. SIGWEB Student Travel Awards

ACM SIGWEB is kindly offering a total of USD 5,000 in funding for Student Travel Awards.


Ethan Munson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA (SIGWEB Liaison). Ethan can be contacted by email at


The application deadlines are:


ACM SIGWEB is kindly offering a total of USD 5,000 in funding for Student Travel Awards. These awards are intended for student authors who have papers accepted in any of the tracks (full papers, short papers, application notes) and who attend the conference and personally present their research. SIGWEB Student Travel Awards typically range in value from USD 250 to USD 750.

Student awards are intended to cover a portion only of the student’s overall expenses. The sizes of the awards in general will depend on the number of qualified applicants, and the amount of individual awards may vary depending on the distance travelled and the kind and ranking of the papers.

Students may submit applications prior to learning whether or not their papers have been accepted. However, travel awards will only be given to students who have an accepted paper and who will be presenting that work themselves.

Applications for these awards should be submitted as soon as possible. To apply for a SIGWEB Student Travel Award, the student should submit the following:

  1. Subject line of your email should be "DocEng'23: Request for SIGWEB Student Travel Award"
  2. A completed SIGWEB Student Travel Award application form
  3. A resume
  4. A letter of support from the student’s research advisor

You should apply by email to and include the information detailed in the SIGWEB Student Travel Award application form. Applications must be submitted by the stated time. Late applications will not be considered.

5. Payment by Wire Transfer Information

When paying via wire, attendees should register through Cvent and select the wire transfer payment option. You should then send a wire transfer using the attached instructions.

Once the wire transfer is arranged, an email confirmation must be sent to, as follows, so that the transfer can be traced and the registration account can be settled.

  1. The subject line should include prefix DocEng'23,
  2. The text body should include the title of the paper and the name of the contact author (if applicable) and the name of the person or organisation sending the wire.
  3. A clearly legible scanned copy of the wire transfer receipt should be attached.

The total registration amount and any costs (to be borne by the sender) must be transferred to the following account:

Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Address: 4 Metrotech Center, 8th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11245

Routing Number (ABA): 021000021

Swift Code: CHASUS33

Account Name: Association For Computing Machinery, Inc

Account Number: 301170895565

Note: The following information must be referenced in the wire transfer:

Name of person or organisation (payment originator)

ACM DocEng'23 Registration

ACM Contact: April Mosqus